Steam Shower During Ancient Times

8002-4.XLTaking steam bath shower was also liked by many ancient people for instance the people of Rome and the Finnish. According to the long history of the kinds steam baths were a part of their cultures which has also been used as a social activity among them. Apart from being part of their cultures steam baths proved useful source for cleansing of skin and removal of several toxins off the body. The new era of 21st century has been taken of the steam shower which has reached many houses in America. Steam showers are now being installed for domestic purposes as opposed to serving commercially for people as well. Many Americans are now able to avail the facility of steam showers to be able to keep themselves away through the breathing problems and the diseases of blood pressure levels. Aside from overcoming several diseases steam showers have grown to be a symbol of luxury and comfort for most people in America as well. For more details Contact US.

Why a Steam Shower Needs Professional Repair

A steam shower is certainly a sensitive device. It is sensitive within the sense that one who does not understand how to troubleshoot it should not be permitted to. Most likely, at any time you spent a whole lot over the shower, it would break your heart and your wallet to see it being hauled to the junk shop.Professionals should be the ones to deal with your steam shower with regards to gets busted. They usually have the required experience and knowledge to accomplish this. Unknown to most people, mechanics do undergo some formal schooling and take tests and certifications like normal professionals.It pays to enjoy them over the job since they also have tools which you can use to speed things up. Normally, one would not wish to hire a mechanic due to the costs incurred. However, one will regret this sooner or later once they have tried tinkering because of the shower themselves and end up fixing nothing. View This Site.


To install a steam shower flawlessly, here are a few pointers

855N.XL - Copy1. Required Space

This is the biggest consideration for you due to the way a steam shower is built, there must be enough room available in the bathroom to access the unit from all sides; this is due to the fixings behind the unit. You need to allow additional room for the fitter (at least 40cm maneuverability on all sides) and then you should also leave 10-15cm above for plumbing the overhead soaker and to allow for extraction and ventilation. You should check the dimensions of your desired unit before ordering. See this aqualusso steam shower.

The floor must be smooth and level. Tongue and grooved floorboards, carpet and vinyl’s are not recommended as they will not allow the cabin to be moved freely over the surface which is required for assembly and possible service access at later times.

For showers that are to be installed on ground level on a concrete floor, please ensure adequate drainage is in place and fully operational, in some cases showers installed in this situation are installed on a raised platform to help aid the units drainage

2. Water Requirements

The showers require connection to both the hot and cold feeds and need a pressure of between 1-3 bar. The water pressures MUST be balanced (the same pressure on both supplies). If thee pressures are not balanced then the thermostatic core may become damaged over time,to prevent this the fitting of a pressure equalising valve should be considered

Any pipe work should be installed flush into the wall to allow the cabin to sit back against the profile of the wall without obstruction. The connections for the water are at the rear of the cabin at a location corresponding into the control panel. The hot and cold water connections on the pipes should sit around 100- 120 cm from the floor and be finished in 15mm isolation valves. On low level tray shower units the pipes should sit in the corner to where it is to be installed behind the units apex. With the exception of whirlpool units where pipe location is not so exact and in most cases anywhere below the bath should be fine. Visit Us HERE.

Almost all steam showers and cabins will work from the following systems:

1. Combi Boilers

2. Pressurised Pumps

3. Pressurised Cylinders/Megaflow Systems

Where the water supply is gravity fed or the pressure is  not adequate

This will almost certainly mean that you will need to install a pump

Black Panel3. Electric Supply

Most steam units are powered off a single standard 13 amp supply unless the unit is a whirlpool unit which is powered by two standard 13 amp supplies. To keep in line with the rules and laws regarding water and electrics in the bathroom, this connection must be made via a fused spur connection and be switched outside the bathroom

All electrical work on a bathroom that is anything more than wiring a plug must be carried out be a trained qualified professional, failure to do this may result in serious injury or death.

Who’s the best and most dependable steam shower manufacturer

8002-4.XLYou have finally decided after weighing things up to buy a steam shower cabin. With there ever increasing popularity, there seem to be a company around every corner urging you to purchase from them. But with each of this manufacturers come the claim that they are the original, the biggest and best, but how do you know??

Question one

Warranty, Warranty, Warranty

Read the small print or at least question the small print. Questions like these you have to get to the bottom of. Many companies try to fob you off with a 12 month warranty which is not the best. You would expect a cheap toaster from walmart costing a few dollars or pounds to last 12 months, but I’m spending thousands on a steam shower unit, and not a toaster so do I really fancy it going wrong after 13 months, 18 months or even 24 months??

In reality a 5 year warranty is what you need to be looking for. This is not to say that the shower will only last this long, But it does reflect a little on the quality of the items and the faith the manufacture has in its reliability.

Which leads us to Question 2

Has the company been making steam showers for a good few years?

Theres will always be a younger faster model of you in the wings looking at you thinking I want what he has and maybe he will work that extra bit to get it. But you’ve been there seen it and have got the t-shirt and the same could be said for your shower company. To make the assumption that a company that has been around for many years must have stood the test of time with good reason is not a bad assumption to make. Can you image even if you did get a five year warranty with the unit that when you did come to make a claim these was no company there to make it to!! See this Blog.

Question 3, 4, 5 and 6

Ask everything and expect an answer. With a decent company comes decent people with decent training/knowledge, and with this its reasonable to expect that even the phone operative which ever one you get should be able to get an answer to all of even your most technical questions.

The fact that a company may assist you in the first place probably means they will be in a better position to help you in a real emergency.

The big 3 companies are Aqualusso, Insignia and Aquaplus and you cant really go wrong if you can find a company that sells these products. Thats not to say you cannot find a good shower from else where, but outside of these big 3 you should really be looking to do your homework first

Tips when it comes to Setting Up A Steam Shower

GT87233333330.XLSteam shower cabins much like the bathrooms these products will be situated in come in many different sizes, shapes and designs. As a result of customer requisite and the companies desire to become the leader in the field, its now impossible not to acquire a steam shower that will not flawlessly compliment your bathroom arrangement. For more information VISIT THIS LINK.

However this is great and it’s alway the most ideal to posses a large assortment of products and designs at our convenience to choose from it is smart to understand the fundamental principles of fitting a steam shower before leaping in and purchasing.

The first and foremost golden rule is this:

“”Allow the size of the shower plus the size of a body”

Fail here and the job is over!! Its easy to measure that space left by the old bath or ripped out shower and think, ok, so I want a 1700mm steam shower to fill that 1700mm gap…..


This cannot and will not happen For any and all steam shower cabin installations the installer will need to physically get behind the unit to make all the connections and put the panels together. In almost all case the shower unit is built full to completion then and only then is it pushed back into that gap and its final resting position. If you don’t have this addition room it will be impossible to install your shower.

A further consideration for a steam shower is the height:

As 9001N.XLthe shower cabin will be giving of a lot of steam, more than a standard shower because it will be used as a shower then additionally as a sauna. So just as important as the room around it maybe the room above and also the materials above to avoid causing rot or damage in the bathroom. Many of the popular steam shower cabins come with a extractor fan but will you be ducting this straight outside??  The next best thing would be to have an additional running extractor in the bathroom in use while using the shower, but not everyone will have this luxury. In this case it will come down to firstly the size of the room, its ventilation for windows and then exactly what materials are in there it gauge if any precautions are need to prevent damage.

Then the obvious rule:

Mega shower Vs the right shower

Yep sound strange but it is true, one of the greatest benefits of a steam shower is that they are cost effective when doing a replacement for and old and out dated shower set up. Simply rip out the old, forget paying for tiles, a tiler and decoration, simply install a free standing steam shower in its place, simple. Well yeah, but be carefully here not to completely over do it by installing a monster of a unit in the middle of a tightly spaced ensuite and additionally be careful to fully study all sizes and drawings of units when buying. Because a units is advertised as a corner unit 900 x 900 this may not mean that its 900 across the back against the wall. The unit might be curved fronted so it could mean its 900mm to the most pertuding part of that curve and less across the wall. here’s an ONLINE EBAY STORE.

Rule is: Measure twice, do the job once